Saturday, September 11, 2010

Take the Hill in CA-51

Neil Stevens at Red State shines a light on CA-51 candidate, Nick Popaditch, a former Gunnery Sergeant for the United States Marine Corps who served the U.S. bravely in Iraq:
Nick Popaditch is running for Congress. Previous occupation? Gunnery Sergeant, USMC. That patch he wears? Not preparing for Talk like a Pirate day, but rather a wound at Fallujah. His district? California’s 51st.

Oh yes, that district. Inland California tends to be right-leaning, but Imperial County is one big exception. It’s a poor expanse of desert along the Mexican border stretching from Arizona to San Diego County. Since redistricting shifted the seat’s number from 50 to 51, Democrat Bob Filner won by 19, 26, 27, and 48 points. This is not friendly territory, so it’s good we have a tough, strong, disciplined candidate like Nick Popaditch running there.
A few months back, a local left-wing newspaper, The Imperial Valley Press, decided to poke fun at Popaditch for his physical appearance by publishing this political cartoon:

Predictably, this American hero brushed off this impotent slander with clarity and humor on Fox News:

James Simpson at Big Government delivered an excellent presentation of the story at the time which is worth a read here.


  1. Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for posting this about Gunny Pop. I first heard him speak at a bookstore, bought his book, and was hooked on the guy. There is something very special about him.

    Here is how your readers can help get him elected:

    In the district: Host a house party and invite him--HE WILL COME.

    Regardless of where you live: call everyone you know--EVERYONE--and make sure they are registered, and then organize RIDES TO THE POLLS. This is important. REALLY important. This wins elections.

    Call family and friends who live OUT of the district and ask them to send $5.00, $10.00 . . . $100.00 . ... ANYTHING they can to Nick. They can still help him win.

    FINALLY, don't waste time talking to opponents. Talk to people who DO NOT vote and independents, and TURN THEM OUT TO VOTE. This is also where races are won and lost.

    And read his book ONCE A MARINE. ( Send copies to friends and ask them to pass it around. It tells you WHO this man is.

    Onward--but off the couch and at the Hill, Americans. Start now.


  2. Thanks, for your comment, Marty. I found it necessary to suspend my blogging for a couple of months due to personal issues. Your comment is like a warm "welcome back!" and is much appreciated.