Friday, December 4, 2009

Brian Williams of NBC breaks the Climategate blackout

In an earlier post today, I wondered if the U.N. announcement that it would be launching an investigation into the leaked emails from East Anglia would prompt the mainstream media to finally report on the Climategate scandal.  NBC is a winner!  Sort of.  From Newsbusters this evening:
Two weeks after the scandal broke, NBC Nightly News on Friday night became the first broadcast network morning or evening news program to inform viewers about “ClimateGate,” but only in the most cursory manner as correspondent Anne Thompson, a long-time ally of the environmental left, despaired the e-mails may end up “giving politicians from coal and oil-producing states another reason to delay taking action to reduce emissions. The government's leading scientist told Congress there is no time to lose.”

Anchor Brian Williams had teased: “ClimateGate, they're calling it. A new scandal over global warming and it's burning up the Internet. Have the books been cooked on climate change?” But neither Williams nor Thompson ever again used the “ClimateGate” term as Thompson's story assured viewers the threat remains while she saw -- not a major scientific scandal -- but merely how “those who doubt that manmade greenhouse gases are changing the climate say” the e-mails “show climate scientists massaging data and suppressing studies by those who disagree.”

Thompson, who in 2007 declared “the scientific debate is no longer over society's role in global warming. It is now a matter of degrees,” allowed soundbites from a Republican Congressman and Patrick Michaels of the Cato Institute, but countered with how “25 leading U.S. scientists accused climate change opponents of misrepresenting the e-mails' significance” and, after a clip of left-wing activist Michael Oppenheimer, she fretted over how, as quoted above, the e-mails will “delay” vital action. Thompson concluded with NOAA's administrator: “Climate change is not a theory. It is a documented set of observations about the world.”
Great thinkers like Copernicus and Galileo would have likely withered under an assault like this invasion of the global warming body snatchers.  It's time for the true scientists and truth seekers of the world to stand up to this parasitic, economically destructive, self-serving cabal.

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  1. Mainstream news are having a tough time competing with "The Internet"... They feel the need to "respond"...