Monday, December 7, 2009

Iranians continue protests against government of Ahmadinehad

From Voice of America:

Iranian riot police have clashed with protesters in the capital, Tehran, as opposition supporters gathered for anti-government protests on Iran's National Student Day.

Witnesses say hundreds of police used batons and tear gas to disperse demonstrators gathered in the streets of central Tehran. Other police were reported to be blocking areas leading to Tehran University, where pro-reform students also are holding rallies.

National Student Day commemorates the killing of three Iranian students during an anti-American protest in 1953.

Reformist opposition activists were expected to turn the state-authorized event into a protest against the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Of course, the Iranian government shut down internet and cell phone service starting Sunday and has  banned foreign journalists from covering news, revoking their work permits in Tehran from December 7 to December 9.  This hasn't stopped protesters from getting the word out on Twitter.  Michelle Malkin has links to several liveblogging Twitter hashtags and websites.  Much of the content is in Farsi, but the photographs tell a universal truth.  President Ahmadinejad does not have things under control. These are just a few of the photographs posted at  today.

If you want to follow the events live today, Michelle recommends Twitter hashtag #16Azar, where just moments ago one witness tweeted that soldiers at Qom Air Base are chanting, "Death to dictator!"

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