Thursday, December 17, 2009

Phelim McAleer: Man of the Year

Recently I wrote about Phelim McAleer, a veteran journalist who has raised his voice against the hoax of anthropogenic global warming through his film, Not Evil Just Wrong, and his vigilant, but thwarted efforts to question Al Gore and Stanford professor Stephen Schneider.

Today behavior of climate change"enthusiasts" at the Copenhagen Climate Conference deteriorated significantly (if that's possible).  From one of my favorites, News Busters:
Filmmaker and noted global warming skeptic Phelim McAleer yesterday experienced first hand the disdain for a free press some Copenhagen attendees exhibit during an interview with Fox Business Channel's Neil Cavuto.

Dressed in a polar bear costume with a sign inquiring as to the whereabouts of controversial climate scientist Phil Jones, McAleer was forced to raise his voice above the shouting environmentalists behind him. In the latter segment of the interview, one crazed activist threw something at McAleer (he says it was a vegetable, though it is unclear in the video), striking him in the head.

If you find the audio difficult to follow due to McAleer's beautiful Irish accent or the transmission delay of the communications link, you can read most of the transcript here.

I have nothing personal against Fed Chief Ben Bernancke, nor any remaining respect for the relevance of Time magazine.  But I submit that Phelim McAleer, clearly, should have been the Time Man of the Year.

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  1. The polar bear outfit is priceless...
    - Living polar bears worldwide in 1950: 30,000.
    - Living polar bears worldwide today: 65,000.