Saturday, April 10, 2010

And now a word from the GOP: No!

At this week's Southern Republican Leadership Conference, Newt Gingrich appealed to the GOP faithful to rebrand the party as the "Party of Yes" instead of the "party of no."  The architect of the GOP return to House majority status in 1994 found few takers.  From The Hill:

Big-name Republicans aren’t joining Newt Gingrich’s call to rebrand the GOP the “Party of Yes.”

The former House Speaker kicked things off Thursday by urging the GOP to ditch the “party of no” label by focusing on its own ideas, rather than merely saying no to the Democrats.

On Friday, though, a pair of Republicans mentioned as potential 2012 presidential candidates — Sarah Palin and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal — both distanced themselves from the concept and said Republicans shouldn’t apologize for being the “party of no.”

Jindal referred directly to Gingrich, saying he was right in some ways. But he also said, in some harsh terms, that Republicans shouldn’t be afraid of the label.

“Let’s be clear: A bad idea is a bad idea, and shame on us for being afraid to say so,” Jindal said. He added that, when it comes to bad ideas, “We shouldn’t just be the 'party of no,' we should be the 'party of "hell no." ' ”

Palin also weighed in during her speech Friday. She said Republicans should embrace the label.

“There is no shame in being the 'party of no' if the other side proposes something that violates our Constitution and conscience,” she said.
The informed and cogent community of isn't impressed with Gingrich's approach.  Take a look at this thread on the matter.  Here's just one example from poster Jon Fraud Carry:
Go sit down on a couch with Nancy Pelosi, Newt. Whine about Gullible Warming.

We are not the party of "No".

We are the party of "Hell, NO!"
It is quite apparent that Texas Governor Rick Perry isn't buying Gingrich's approach either.  Here's his speech from the SRLC conference (via Hotair):

Regarding Perry's claim that he is not running for President in 2012, perhaps the Governor doth protest too much.  I believe his brand of states' rights conservatism will attract many followers in the current political environment.  My favorite quote from Perry's speech:
"The federal government needs to do 3 things really well: Stand the military, defend our borders and deliver the mail."

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