Monday, April 12, 2010

Ed Morrissey's interview of Herman Cain

On Sunday I shared a video of Herman Cain's speech at the SRLC in New Orleans and mentioned that Ed Morrissey would be publishing his post-speech interview with Mr. Cain at HotAir.comHere it is  (Ed apologizes for the bad lighting, but it really doesn't subtract from the excellent content):

At the end of Part 2, Cain delivers a scathing rebuke to President Obama's laughable lip service to cutting spending (around the 4:30 mark on the video):
"Like when the President said, 'I've ordered all my cabinet positions..departments to cut 100 million dollars out of the budget.'  100 million dollars?  That's a rounding error.  That's not serious about cutting spending."
I expect we'll be hearing a lot more from Herman Cain.

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