Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dear Mr. President, I need a freakin job. Period.

Interrupting his tireless pursuit of the new, "improved" (and renamed) cap and trade legislation, bailouts in perpetuity financial reform and the legal challenge to the new Arizona immigration law which his Attorney General hasn't read, President Obama visited Buffalo, New York, today to trumpet his administration's success in creating jobs.  He was greeted by this:

From the Yahoo Newsroom:

"I need a freakin' job." That's the message President Obama saw as he arrived in Buffalo, N.Y., this afternoon for an event talking up the administration's success in creating new jobs. He also pitched Congress on approving a $30 billion credit for small-business growth.

Yet critics say Obama has been focusing his recovery efforts too narrowly and hasn't done enough to help people find work. After all, the latest job figures show 9.9 percent of the country still out of work. That inspired a group of unemployed Buffalo residents — who also have a website called — to appeal to the president in the form of a billboard along the route his motorcade took into town.
The group also has produced this video:

The White House just announced that the President will travel to Youngstown, Ohio next week where unemployment hit 15.1% last month, the highest rate in 15 years.  I expect his advance team will be scouring the landscape for a more photo-hospitable motorcade route.

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