Thursday, June 10, 2010

As oil flows into the Gulf, Obama redoubles efforts......on healthcare

President Obama has not met or spoken with Tony Hayward, CEO of BP, since the Deepwater Horizon oil platform exploded in the Gulf nearly two months ago. (Although CBS News is reporting that he might...just might meet with Heyward on June 17.)  He has had time for other things like:

•Two days of media events (White House Correspondents Dinner and a tĂȘte a tĂȘte with Bono)
•Three days of fundraising
•Four commemorations
•Six days of vacation
•Six days of campaigning
•Six sports events
•Seven days of golf
He and his staff have also given several interviews defending the federal government's response to the oil disaster (from day one!), talking about keeping the boot on the throat of BP and finding out whose a** to kick.  Polls haven't been kind to the President.  So what does he do in response?  Release an ad on cable television basically daring the GOP to repeal healthcare.  From Talking Points Memo:
Democrats on Thursday will launch a new 60-second ad on national cable television accusing repeal-happy Republicans of wanting to get rid of health care reform and all its benefits. The ad, obtained by TPMDC, is timed to coincide with the government mailing to seniors the first $250 Medicare rebate checks fixing the so-called prescription drug "donut hole."

The ad is titled "We Can't Afford To Go Back." It outlines the positive parts of the health care law signed by President Obama this spring and charges, "Republicans want to take it all away."

I've learned that DNC Chairman Tim Kaine on Thursday will dare Republicans to make repeal the focus of their fall campaign to try and win back control of Congress, challenging the GOP to tell senior citizens and others benefiting from health care exactly which parts of the reform law they'd scrap.
I'm sure Gulf Coast residents will forget their troubles and come on, get happy when they see this:

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