Monday, October 19, 2009

Russia developing an invincible mach 3.0 missile

Breaking news today that Russia and India are developing an invincible missile more powerful than anything in use in the world today.  Let me get this straight.  President Obama killed the missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic because Russia did not want it.  Secretary of State Clinton went to Moscow last week (after the embarassing reset button fiasco in March in Geneva) and returned with a firm commitment that Russia is not prepared to place sanctions on Iran.
After meeting with Sec'y of State Hillary Clinton in Moscow, Russia's foreign minister said threatening sanctions against Iran would be "counterproductive," a setback to the White House's desire for a united front. Russia in Sept. hinted it might back sanctions after Pres. Obama scrapped a proposed missile defense system in Eastern Europe and following Iran's recent disclosure of a secret nuclear facility.
So we gave up our best bargaining chip as an act of goodwill?  What do we use now for negotiating with Russia for support in reigning in Iran's nuclear program?  Oil?  Oh that's right, we import oil from them!  Well at least, the Secretary of State left with her reputation intact. In "Hillary’s lecture tour" Moscow News, Peter Lavelle describes the visit:
The reversion to old habits was not confined to civil society issues - it also included how the Russia-US relationship should move forward. What we saw was Washington's "new" foreign policy: ‘Pax Americana' with President Barack Obama's human face - plus an unearned Nobel Peace Prize, no less. 
I was supremely disappointed with Clinton's visit. Her news conference with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was a disaster.
Clinton gushed, while Lavrov stayed with the facts. Clinton wanted us to believe that problems in the bilateral relationship could be fixed by motivational speaking.

Lavrov revealed the true state of affairs during the following Q&A session, pointing out that little has been accomplished in "hitting the reset button".
God help us. I guess our foreign policy will eventually be reduced to Sting's 1985 solo line, "I hope the Russians love their children, too."

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  1. We have "reached out a hand" and they have flipped us the bird.