Saturday, February 6, 2010

99 Birthday tribute to the Gipper

Today marks the 99th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan.  It is coincidentally a milestone birthday for my amazing sister, Leslie.  Happy birthday, Leslie!

I found a touching tribute to President Reagan by Paul Kengor at the Corner at National Review Online:
Reagan was just plain likable. Of all the subjects I’ve studied, few were as universally liked. Sure, Reagan, as president, was demonized by the Left, but that’s what the Left does: indecent, ugly rage. Still, even most liberals muster nice words about Reagan personally.

Central to that likability was Reagan’s humility. The word “I” didn’t dominate his conversation, unless he was poking fun at himself. He was no narcissist. Ronald Reagan was not full of pride; he was thoroughly unpossessed of self-love.

And so, with that background, I’d like to take the opportunity presented by Reagan’s time of year — not to mention the month of Presidents’ Day — to share an anecdote that was told to me by Bill Clark, Reagan’s close friend and most significant adviser.
Click here to read Mr. Clark's story.  You will be glad you did.

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