Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update: Armey does not endorse John McCain?

Yesterday I noted the frustration of Michelle Malkin over Dick Armey's apparent endorsement of John McCain in the Arizona senate race.  In response to negative feedback from his own FreedomWorks members, Armey took great pains to clarify his remarks today (via Michelle Malkin):
A number of our members have asked about my recent interview regarding John McCain and the Arizona Senate race where I said: “There’s nobody who can match McCain’s record on fiscal responsibility.”

I was referring to his unparalleled record of fighting politically motivated earmarks. Very few of his colleagues can stand on that ground, but I should have been more clear. John McCain and many other Republicans did vote for TARP. They broke my heart by doing so. I was one of the first to come out against it, before the very first House vote. You can read my thoughts on the subject at NRO here.

Regarding the Arizona Senate race, neither FreedomWorks PAC nor myself are endorsing John McCain.

We try to listen to our activists before becoming involved in races, and we are always looking for strategic opportunities to place a new generation of strong fiscal conservatives in the next Congress. We focus our resources on races -- such as the Marco Rubio vs. Charlie Crist race in Florida -- where there is a vivid distinction between the two candidates and an ability to tip the scales in favor of a better outcome. This is also why we have thrown in with Rand Paul in Kentucky. A similar dynamic played out when I endorsed, and campaigned for Doug Hoffman in NY-23.

Based on this same criterion, we have decided not to target the Arizona Senate race.
Ouch.  Another conservative neutral on McCain.

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