Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wishing a speedy recovery to Dick Cheney

Today it was reported that former Vice President Dick Cheney had suffered a minor heart attack.  Let me add my wishes for his speedy recovery, and express my heartfelt support with some Chenykus from Jim Treacher at the Daily Caller:

Yeah, I shot that guy
And I had some heart attacks
And I kept you safe

I’m bald and morose
I don’t look good in swim trunks
Eight years, no attacks

Dear Los Angeles:
We stopped an assault on you
“Hey, thanks” will suffice

Look out, terrorists!
Obama’s secret weapon:
Approval ratings

Every time I sneer
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed faints
Try that one, Barack

When you attacked me
I disclosed my location:
All up in your face

Redefine “torture”
To mean anything you want:
Waterboarding worked

Hello, Jon Stewart
You cried on September 12th
But haven’t since: Why?
Remember, lefties
I’m not running for office
Your polls make me laugh
This isn’t a smirk
You’re just not worth the regard
Of my entire face

I wish you a speedy recovery, Mr. Vice President.

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