Sunday, March 21, 2010

Breaking: Stupak voting yes?

NBC is reporting that Bart Stupak will vote yes on the health care bill, but there is no independent confirmation as of yet.  Ed Morrissey is neither surprised nor impressed:
And thus does the Republican final hope for blocking ObamaCare finally collapse, if this turns out to be true. One can’t call this a defection by Bart Stupak, since he’s a Democrat now apparently committing to support for a key Democratic agenda item. It’s certainly a betrayal of his oft-proclaimed pro-life principles, however. So far, the news has been reported by MS-NBC on its broadcast and website (as a banner headline) as “sources say,” and reported similarly by C-SPAN, but as of this moment, no written report has surfaced with any details.

This could be a false report, but it’s been no secret for the last few days that Stupak has worked hard to find a way to vote for this bill. We’ll see if the promise of an executive order from Barack Obama did the trick.

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