Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A trip down memory lane

As CNN is accusing Sarah Palin and the Tea Partiers of inciting violence, Harry Reid supporters are accusing Andrew Breitbart of throwing eggs and the Huffington Post is lecturing that "Political violence is not an American value," Scott Johnson at Powerline highlights Evan Coyne Maloney's "A trip down memory lane."
Evan Coyne Maloney is the documentary filmmaker and proprietor of Brain Terminal. During the Bush administration, Evan was out in the field with his camera observing protests and interviewing protesters. He is therefore in a good position to recall the signs and symbols of the left-wing opposition to the Bush administration's post-9/11 national security policies. How do they compare to the Tea Party protesters expressing their opposition to Barack Obama's program of national socialism?

Evan has now produced a timely new video splicing together footage that he calls "A trip down memory lane." He describes it as four minutes of nonstop examples of violent imagery and extremist rhetoric employed by left-wing anti-Bush protesters. He writes: "For some reason, despite it being well documented at the time by me and many others, the media chose to ignore it." Indeed.
Here it is:

The tossed about phrase "double standard" doesn't even begin to describe the parallel universe of the MSM.  I would rather call it "the complete and total censorship of any inconvenient truth."

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