Sunday, March 21, 2010

It all comes down to the Stu-Pack

According to liberal blog site Firedoglake, today's historic health care vote will likely come down to the Stupak pro-life coalition.  David Dayen posts:
John Larsen said on ABC they have the votes in hand, but he’s been saying that all week. Bart Stupak said this morning that he has 8 votes in his coalition. If that’s true there’s almost no path to 218. However, Stupak said he was nearing a deal with the White House on language that would go into an executive order, specifying no public funding for abortion. Obviously, if the Stupak bloc all votes for the bill, victory would be fairly well in hand.
Don't be surprised to hear about an executive order regarding federal abortion funding sometime before the House vote today.  At 10:54 A.M. Fox News is reporting that the Democrats are close to an agreement with the Stupak coalition on language for an executive order on abortion funding.  The possible risk is the loss of abortion rights member support.  Stay tuned.

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