Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coakley campaign cries foul on ballot tampering....the day before the election

Martha Coakley's campaign raised issues of ballot tampering in Massachusetts today:
Democrat Martha Coakley's campaign raised issues of ballot tampering in at least three jurisdictions and urged Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin to further look into the matter as millions of Bay State residents went to the polls to elect a successor to Sen. Edward Kennedy.

Attorney Mark Elias said the campaign received reports of ballots being given to voters pre-marked for Coakley's opponent Republican Scott Brown.

"We have received reports of five ballots -- spanning three jurisdictions," Elias said.

Elias said the voters caught the errors and brought the ballots to back to the poll workers.
Five ballots out of an expected turnout of two millionPublius at Big Government is rightly suspicious:
This afternoon, the Coakley campaign convened a press conference to say they had received reports of voters receiving ballots, pre-marked for her opponent, Scott Brown. It would be a serious charge.

But we’re skeptical. Below is a screenshot of Coakley’s website taken this afternoon. The press release making the ballot fraud charge is dated yesterday, before any ballots were issued to voters.
Click here to see the original screen shot.

What's really humorous is John Kerry's assertion that Brown's supporters are engaging in "bullying and threats."  Cry me a river, Senator Kerry.  I don't remember you raising the issue of bullying and threats when the New Black Panther party placed its sentries in full uniform (at least one with a nightstick) outside polling stations in Philadelphia in 2008, nor do I remember you protesting when Eric Holder's Department of Justice dismissed the charges against them (after the government had won a default judgment).

Breaking.  It looks like there are some brand new developments in the Black Panther saga.  More later.

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