Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Speaking of Super Bowl ads ...........

From Daniel Foster at the Corner:

A reader points to this ad from MoveOn.org, which was supposed to run in the 2004 Superbowl, but was rejected by CBS. It shows young children working blue-collar jobs to "pay for" President Bush's $1 trillion deficit.

Do you think MoveOn.org will submit an ad for this year's Super Bowl protesting Obama's projected 2010 1.35 trillion deficit?

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  1. Kind of unrelated, but shouldn't MoveOn.org change its name? Now WE want to move on!

    Patric showed me a different video that was just supposed to be a joke, but it shows what Obama's America will look like. A bunch of upper-class white suits are standing on a street like migrant workers fighting for jobs as a guy in a truck announces what he needs that day ("One certified public accountant...etc."). I can't find it right now, but you should definitely check it out.