Friday, January 15, 2010

On first day as special envoy to Haiti, Bill Clinton stumps for Coakley

Robert Costa of National Review spoke to special Haiti envoy, Bill Clinton today on the campaign trail for Martha Coakley.  From the Corner at National Review:
In a conversation with National Review Online, former president Bill Clinton defended his appearance today at a rally for Democrat Martha Coakley while Haiti is recovering from Tuesday’s earthquake. When I told him that some had been critical of his decision to stump for Coakley while hundreds of thousands are still trapped under rubble, he responded with annoyance: “Who?” he challenged, “who is criticizing me? It’s your problem if you can’t see how these things aren’t mutually exclusive.” Electing Coakley, he said, will “help lead to good governance” that will support Haiti while it rebuilds. When Congressman Ed Markey told Clinton that I worked for National Review, Clinton concluded with this: “See, it's you guys who are saying this stuff, I don't hear it.” With that, he jumped in his SUV, on his way to Worcester for another rally. Haiti, it seems, can wait.

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