Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scott Brown campaign raises $1 million yesterday

Jennifer Donahue at the Huffington Post watched the final debate between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley in the race for Ted Kennedy's Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat.  Her observations do not bode well for the Democrats:
By virtue of the fact that State Sen. and military JAG Scott Brown had Attorney General Martha Coakley are on the defense all night, on Obama's core issues, Republicans have already won the debate in Massachusetts and are poised to stay up late when the votes are counted Jan. 19th, when voters cast ballots in the special election to fill the late Senator Ted Kennedy's seat.

Mind you, this race is not about Ted Kennedy, and there is no way he is resting in peace.

This is about how in one year, the day before Obama's first inaugural anniversary, Democrats have gone from Superpower status to beating back anything moderate or Republican in philosophy.

Tucker Carlson's new site, the Daily Caller, reports that Scott Brown added $1 million to his campaign coffers in a 24-hour fundraiser yesterday:
Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown’s war chest has more than $1 million dollars more in it after Monday’s money bomb fundraiser exploded into some major bucks for the Senate hopeful.

Brown raised more than $1 million from contributors today, according to his campaign Web site, from the 24-hour long “Red Invades Blue” fundraiser. That’s twice as much as its initial $500,000 fundraising goal for the day.

Shortly before 10 p.m. EST, Brown’s campaign hit the million-dollar mark with still two hours left in the fundraising period.

In a video of Brown posted on the site, he said the contributions will help with “a final push for advertising,” to help combat negative ads “which are already starting.”

Throughout the day, as Brown’s campaign Web site kept a running total of the incoming dollars, the campaign upped the fundraising goal twice, first from $500,000 to $750,000 then from $750,000 to $1 million.

Both former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty emailed supporters urging them to send funds to Brown.

Coakley campaign and Democratic Party officials did not respond to requests today for the Democrat candidate’s latest fundraising numbers.
Two of my favorite Brown quotes from last night' debate:
"With all due respect, it’s not the Kennedys’ seat,’’ Brown said. “It’s not the Democrats’ seat. It’s the people’s seat."
And this.
"You can run against Bush-Cheney, but I’m Scott Brown,’’ Brown responded. “I live in Wrentham. I drive a truck."

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