Sunday, November 22, 2009

Andrew Breitbart takes Columbia Journalism Review to school

In Breitbart throws down the gauntlet to Holder I showed you Andrew Breitbart's remarkable shout out to Attorney General Eric Holder regarding ACORN.  The left-leaning "friend of the press in all its forms, from newspapers to magazines to radio, television, and the Web", the Columbia Journalism Review, took issue with his appearance here.  Read it and see what passes for journalism in the elite netherworld of the old guard media.

The esteemed Andrew Breitbart strikes back and takes the Columbia Journalism Review to task and journalism school at Big Government:
In response to the Columbia Journalism Review’s accusing me of “blackmailing” the Attorney General of the United States, I must take notice that the mainstream media as a journalistic establishment IS paying attention to the ongoing ACORN scandal. Good. I thought so.

What the Columbia Journalism Review is doing is very similar to what Media Matters is doing: protecting the Democrat-Media Complex, the natural alliance of the Democratic Party and the mainstream media. This ACORN investigation has been going on for two months and Hannah, James, and I have proven to be truth-tellers every step of the way, while the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now has been proven time and again to be liars.

Yet instead of engaging the real, newsworthy issues of ACORN’s possible corruption, malfeasance and illegal behavior, the CJR, like its more overtly political online counterpart Media Matters, and indeed every other MSM outlet, has been sitting it out on the sidelines, waiting – rooting – for Hannah Giles, James O’Keefe and me to make a mistake. In fact, my appearance Thursday night is the only time in which the media has introduced itself into this ongoing narrative: proof that it’s paying attention and taking sides
He concludes by giving a them an embarassing vocabulary lesson that would insult a sixth grader, and then reissuing his challenge to AG Holder:
And now to address the fever-swamp’s notion that what I said on “Hannity” last night was “blackmail.” Blackmail occurs when one party threatens to reveal an unsavory piece of information about another party, and demands money in exchange for silence. For obvious reasons, it is most often conducted in private. I, on the other hand, went on national television with a challenge to the Attorney General to do his job; unlike this administration and its justice department, what I did was fully open and transparent.

There will be consequences if there isn’t an investigation into ACORN. The videos will be shown and at a particular moment. There is nothing illegal about my proposed response to the continued inaction from this justice department, and there’s nothing I’d like more than to have my day in court and let a jury hear why I have gone to such extraordinary measures to tell a major story that the dying, partisan, leftist media has worked so hard to suppress.

The days of the Democrat-Media Complex controlling the narrative are in their end times. And if the AG wants to turn his focus on me instead of ACORN, then that day will be closer than many of them think.
I hope and pray the Republicans in Congress will take note of what a fearless, principled leader looks like.  Godspeed, Andrew!

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