Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Attorney General Eric Holder's whoppers

Andy McCarthy at the Corner, takes apart "whoppers" from Attorney General Holder's morning testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Read it here.  The last whopper, from this post (I'm sure McCarthy will have more after lunch!):
8. For eight years justice has been delayed — no longer, "It is past time to finally act." Holder, of course, does not mention the role of his firm and others in delaying and derailing the military commissions during their representation of America's enemies. Senator Kyl just confronted him with my contentions on that score (from this column). The attorney-general responded that I am a polemecist who says inflammatory things for talk shows, whereas he is concerned with facts. (I guess he means pertinent facts, like how he is not "scared of KSM.") I'm delighted to let people judge that one for themselves.
What audacious arrogance.  Blogger Abu Wabu isn't surprised:
Of course, Holder dismisses McCarthy as a "polemicist", which is apparently what leftists call prosecutors who, having experienced and dealt with the dangerous effects of prosecuting a terrorist in the civilian justice system, expose the left's disastrous idiocy.
You can check out McCarthy's "polemic" credentials here, here and here.

Michelle Malkin has more about Holder's former law firm and its representation of America's enemies.  Read it here.

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