Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome Luis Torres into the American family! has been my favorite website since I found it in the early 90's.  Today Joshua Goldberg salutes one of its own:
Luis Torres, the unsung hero of Lucianne.Com, our IT man, just got back from Philadelphia where he took his 'oath of office.' He now holds the position of Citizen and is the latest proud American. Let him know that he is welcome for doing it the right way! He is now part of the 300 million+ American family.
Registration for Lucianne's site is usually closed due to its incredible popularity, so I have been an Ldotter wannabe for all these years.  Since I can't post my welcome to Luis on the actual website, I will do it here.

Welcome to the American family, Mr. Torres!  God bless you. Thank you for keeping running for us for all these years.

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