Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Memo to Harry Reid: As you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family, 65% of mortgage holders in your state are underwater.

America's most powerful senator hails from Nevada where today, according to the Wall Street Journal, 65% of mortgage holders are underwater. In other words, 65% owe more on their homes than the fair market value of those homes. To see the percentage of underwater borrowers in your state, click here.

Senator Reid, why don't you stop trying to cram government controlled health care down our throats, and do something to foster the creation of jobs by the private sector for the good people who elected you!

My heart truly goes out to the people of the great state of Nevada. The Republican senator, John Ensign, has been exposed as a philandering phony. And the senior senator, who holds the highest position in our "esteemed" upper house of Congress, has completely abandoned the people of Nevada in his quest for the holy grails of nationalized health care (careful, this link is 2074 pages), and suicidal climate change legislation.

If ever there was a case in U.S. history to send an elected representative packing, Harry Reid is it.

On this Thanksgiving day, I pray for Americans hit hardest by this recession. And I pray for the people of Nevada.

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