Saturday, November 21, 2009

Obama cabinet selections: crossing the aisle or shaping the vote?

Generally, I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but in the wake of the recent party line votes on really important things like health care and cap and trade, it strikes me that Obama has tried to shift those votes in his favor using the power and stature of his office.

Consider these facts:

Republican Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire was offered the cabinet post of Secretary of Commerce by the President.  New Hampshire has a Democrat governor, and had he accepted the job, his senate seat would now be almost certainly occupied by a Democrat.

Democrat Ken Salazar of Colorado was offered and accepted a post as Secretary of the Interior, and was replaced by Democrat Superintendant of Denver Public Schools, Michael Bennett.  Salazar is Catholic and in March of 2008 voted his approval of an abortion-funding ban at American Indian Clinics.  Bennett's view of federally funded abortion has been described by come Coloradans as "(at best) confusing rhetoric and (at worst) an intentional misrepresentation of the facts."  Hmmm.

Republican representative Ray Lahood (from Illinois) decided not to run for re-election in 2008, and was nominated for and accepted the cabinet post of Transportation Secretary.  Republican, 27 year-old Aaron Schock was elected to fill his seat.  Google Schock and you'll get hits about his sex appeal, his admiration for Michelle Obama's arms and his selection by Huffington Post readers as the "hottest freshman" in the House of Representatives.  This does not give me a good impression of his conservative credentials.  To the vocal dismay of many of his constituents, Schock voted against Pelosi's health care bill, but that doesn't mean he won't vote for the bill that emerges from the divine reconciliation in the future.

Not a slam-dunk case of congressional manipulation, and certainly not illegal.  But it does make me wonder.

Senator Lieberman may be our last, greatest hope to step up and serve as the firewall against this health care monstrosity.  I pray he keeps his resolve and stays safe.

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  1. Unfortunately, there is no telling what kind of under-the-table bribes are occuring at this moment in history. It is clear that the American people do not want this health-care bill. The fact that the house and senate are trying to ram this through, makes me suspect that the elected officials do not care if they are voted out of office. Perhaps they will receive enough money to retire AND believe that they have 'made a difference' - MORE SOCIAL WELFARE at the expense of hard-working people!