Thursday, November 19, 2009

Matthew Whalen's expungement appeal denied by school board

From the Troy Record,

The Lansingburgh Central School District’s Board of Education decided not to expunge 17-year-old Matthew Whalen’s school suspension earlier this year from his record and his parents plan to appeal the decision with the state.

“This could take up to one year, so it may be a moot point by time a decision is made by the state,” said Bryan Whalen, Matthew’s father, about the appeal process with the state’s Board of Education.
I blogged about this case back in October, after Whalen was suspended from school for 20 days for having a pocketknife locked in the trunk of his car at school.  I really did not expect a different decision about the expungement of his record, but if the people of the Lansingburgh Central School District saw this suspension as an overreaching act devoid of common sense, maybe they will voice their disapproval in the next school board election.

This blogger hopes Matthew will still be able to realize his dream of going to Westpoint.  Stay tuned.

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